for a song

What is it about a song? A melody, a particular voice singing it, can get all the way under your skin, somehow tell you exactly what you need to hear in that moment, even when the words are nothing you can relate to.

You can have a passionate love affair with a song, where you could listen to it on repeat all day and never get bored, hearing something new every time. You can fall out of love with a song; one day it inexplicably no longer moves you. You can find it again, like an old love letter hidden in the pages of a book, and it takes you right back.

A sad song can break your heart but somehow make you feel deeply happy at the same time. A song you once loved, heard at the wrong time, can make your skin crawl; it can root into all the insecurities you’re feeling in your life and twist your stomach around.

How are musicians constantly pulling new things out of the same 12 notes? Aren’t we going to run out of melodies?

This is what I’m loving right now:


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