naughty or nice?

I’m not really in on most of the Christmas spirit (it’s not my holiday), but I do quite like all this “naughty & nice” business. I like seeing girls in cute swarovski-d t-shirts, claiming to be one or the other. But here’s the thing: Did you ever notice how, when we were young (especially those of us who were little girls) the expectation was to be nice? That is the actual point after all: be on the nice list so you can get your presents, not a lump of coal in your stocking. As we get older some girls still strive to be all-nice, all-the-time, but for most of us what I keep hearing each time this year is “I hope you were naughty.”

Why do we all want to be a little bit naughty?

Is it that we realize that being nice, following all the rules, isn’t quite all it’s cracked up to be? We get so used to saying “I shouldn’t” to so many things we want: staying out late on a “school” (work) night, breaking our budget for that little thing that will put a bounce back in our step. Right now the ground outside is covered with luscious, untouched snow, but I can’t even remember the last time I had a snowball fight, the last time I eschewed what I “should be” doing to go sledding or skating or just tramping around. I consider for a moment going out right now, but then I think: baby it’s cold outside.

What is being naughty anyway? Indulging in anything we might call a “guilty pleasure”? Is it engaging in that forbidden flirtation, kiss, date, one night stand? (If you’re married or otherwise committed, I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t pass that first one, or it goes from naughty to just wrong.) I can’t imagine going through life not saying what I really meant for the sake of offending no-one and being liked by everyone; I’d rather only apologize when I have actually misspoken than apologize simply for myself. In the process, sometimes I’m offensive. Maybe that makes me a teeny bit naughty.

Maybe “naughty” is just that look in your eye, that smirk on your lips, when you get to do that thing you really want to, but probably shouldn’t.

However you define it, here’s to being a little more naughty, all year long.


6 responses to “naughty or nice?

  1. haha so true so true

    a year without a little bit of naughty is a year wasted!

  2. Not to get all annoying and academic (I’m probably more of the former than the latter) but society gives you poor women a double-standard:

    You’re encouraged to go out there, girl, and get a little “naughty,” and then, if you do: WHAM!

    You’re a whore.

    And that’s not a very nice way to treat our society’s lovely lasses, is it?

    • Precisely…. girls should be “sugar and spice and everything nice” but then “boys will be boys”… they can get away with just about anything they want.
      You just have to find the middle ground, do the “naughty” things that won’t give you a bad reputation. Or if you’re going to be VERY naughty, just don’t get caught.

  3. Ah, just like my father (retired Staff-Sergeant, Israeli army) likes to say,

    “FUCK! We tortured people, too– stuck cigarettes in their arms or whatever– but we didn’t TAKE PICTURES of it!!!”

  4. People want to be naughty because it’s more fun that way.

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