About Me

Welcome to what has become the chronicles of my Italian adventure! Learning to cook, to speak Italian, to live, love, travelling, well you get the idea.

I’m Kat, I recently moved from New York, where I grew up, to Milano, Italia (where I am living under the pseudonym Caterina). People keep asking me how long I’m here for and I don’t know what to say — I’m loath to say “indefinitely,” but it was a one way ticket, so there you have it…

I’m 23; I graduated recently from a Seven Sisters college; I studied Spanish literature, anthropology, and art history, and spent a little while working in an art gallery before I realized what I thought I wanted to do was totally wrong. So I was freelancing in ESL publishing for a while (hello nepotism, to be totally honest), and now I’ve moved to Milan to get my CELTA certification to teach English. I’m still figuring it all out, and even though I might be making big mistakes daily, I’m choosing a whole lot of uncertainty over comfort. I’ve convinced myself that’s the right call.

Thank you for reading! And I very much appreciate any comments you might have.


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